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  IE (pronounced “eee”) is a five-piece from Minneapolis devoted to experiences of hypnotic minimalism— sonic rituals from the future and ambient, desert soundscapes. Their shows feature sustained tones, electronic whirrs, slow beats, video and film projections, metaphysical recitations, and carefully crafted atmospheres.

In 2017, IE received a extraordinary gift: an eight-person hot tub from their eccentric handyman. After a year of bathing in its therapeutic waters, the band’s minimal vibes began to take on startling evolutions into new harmonic fields and cultic auras. With the inclusion of two new members, IE wrote their first full-length album. The album includes three entirely new songs with vocals (Amulet, Gloam, and Moon Shot) and three classic IE jams that are here polished into studio recordings (Empty Vessel, Idol Horizon, and Nebula). Ish teamed up with Moon Glyph and is thrilled to unveil the fruits of these sessions with their first vinyl release—Pome.

Michael Gallope -- keyboards and percussion
Meredith Gill -- drums
Crystal Myslajek -- bass and vocals
Mariel Oliveira -- saxophone and synth
Travis Workman -- synth and guitar

Matthew Mehlan plays guitar on track 5 and bass on tracks 2 and 6.

Mixed by Matthew Mehlan at the Stuuudio
Mastered by Sarah Register
Artwork by Steve Rosborough
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