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  森林浴の達人、パ ブロ・カラー(Pablo Color)がセカンド・ミニ・アルバム を小脇に抱え、ふたたびスイスの山奥から街へ下りてきた。レックス(Lexx) とフー(Fu)がアロマを注ぎ込んだ「パラソル(Parasol)」、ジジ・マシン(Gigi Masin) がライド・オンした「ウェーヴ(Waves)」、そしてチー・シミズ(Chee Shimizu)が究極の霊性を授けた「ラ・カージェ・ロハ(La Calle Roja)」をたずさえて。森のくまさん達に祝福を!

All songs composed and arranged by Pablo Color, except where noted
All instruments played by Pablo Color, except where noted

Percussion on A1 by Danniel Hächler "Frosch"
Drum programming and additional keys on A2 by Alex Storrer
Bass guitar on A2 by Reto C. Gaffuri
Soundscape on A3 by Orhan Gül
Piano and keys on B2 by Gigi Masin

A1 Percussion recorded by Juan Carlos Zeta and mixed by eu93ne
A2 recorded, mixed and co-produced by Reto C. Gaffuri for FuMusic
A3 mixed by Roland Vollenweider
A4 additionally produced and mixed by eu93ne
B1 recorded at Subglue Studios Zürich and mixed by Vinoth Vasanthakumar
B2 composed by Pablo Color and Gigi Masin, arranged and mixed by Gigi Masin
B3 remixed by Chee Shimizu

Mastered by The Carvery
Photography by Michel Dettling
Designed by Elio Lüthi
Spiritual guidance by Joseph Francino
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