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  Berlin Lama is here to stay  
  Dalai Lama is one thing, but having Berlin coming over and showing you a good time, it will hardly get any better. Berlin is dope, Berlin is cool, Berlin is smooth. Above all that, he likes cool music and so do we. We like Berlin for example. His music helps us smoking rolled ones (the old way) while waiting in the car, wondering if nobody wants to help this old lady carrying way too many bags for her age and arm from the supermarket back to her car. That's right. Were you wondering too?  
  We are generally very slow about technical advancements (or just in general?!), so it took us a while to adapt to something so easy as bandcamp. We have loaded up a couple of things and will add some more in the future. Our next two releases should be up there for preorder rather sooner than later, but as I said...


and our mixes won't be available from Bandcamp, cause them files are tooooo large
  Heavy like a brick and swift like stray cat, our man Berlin Lama knows his craft. From the forthcoming album 80 BMX, Ish has the pleasure of offering the vinyl version of Ego plus the exclusive b-side track The Push.
We have already received phone calls from Flylo and Stanley Kubrick, but be patient folks, Berlin Lama is here to stay and his music too!

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