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  J. Sayne
Akuk Obaa
01.05.2018 : : Mixtape
  Berlin Lama
80 BMX
06.03.2018 : : LP/CD
  Berlin Lama
05.10.2017 : : 7"
  Pablo Color
Viajando EP
11.12.2016 : : 12"
turtle reign - krüml no. 3
09.12.2016 : : 7"
  J. Murish
La Lis
01.01.2016 : : Mixtape
  Joseph Francino
Aeroplanes II
01.12.2015 : : Mixtape
  Rou Puckt
31.05.2015 : : 7"
guetsli krüml no.02
15.11.2014 : : Cassette
  J. Sayne
It's A Madlib Invasion
17.07.2013 : : Mixtape
  Jazzo and Melodiesinfonie
Tree Times Reh Mix / Fishes Fritz
05.08.2012 : : 7"
  Misel Quitno
Sleep Over Remixes Vol. 1
01.11.2009 : : EP
  J. Sayne
1 for Saintig
14.02.2009 : : Mixtape
Dimlite Remixes
09.01.2009 : : 12"
  J. Sayne
01.01.2007 : : Mixtape
  Elephant Beach (Thaione Davis & J. Sayne)
17.05.2006 : : 2LP/CD
Individual Electric Pitch Çifte Modulators
08.01.2006 : : LP/CD
  Ish presents (Reezm, J. Sayne & others)
The Now Factor
07.12.2004 : : 2LP/CD
  Offwhyte, Reezm and En Sayne
Crossing the Potomac
31.03.2004 : : EP
  En Sayne
Somewhere in Ydobon
02.03.2004 : : LP/CD
The Traveller
16.12.2003 : : LP/CD
    Ish records presents the beat-ish #1

Ish's first 45 single features two brilliant and banging tracks by a young producer duo hailing from Zürich: Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie. After releasing a bunch of mesmerizing and unconventionally fresh beats (or songs if you will) on different digital platforms, it was about time for these two inspired beat heads and record enthusiasts to have their music pressed on vinyl. For the beat-ish series they remixed or rather re-did two of their favorite tracks from their impressive back catalog and spiced them up a notch for the proper punch factor. Striking and stuttering-ly thumping drums, delicately crafted synth melodies, a flair for surprising breaks and melodic changes and gently interlaced singing form an invigorating and unique sound they can call their own. They do though seamlessly join the so called 'beat' scene with figureheads like Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Nosaj Thing, Dibiase a.o.
This is stunning work from two young and already hyped producers we will hear more about in the future!

Limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies, hand silk screen printed in three colors with the red color being infused with deluxe Swiss Kirsch (liquor) from Zug and the black color with a local cheap beer.

Buy it at Hum Records
  Tree Times Reh Mix   Fishes Fritz